For the last twenty years, my family and my business has used Lee Law Offices for our legal needs.  They have represented our company and our clients with the highest professional standards.  The ability they have to grasp the complex issues related to commercial property management and the litigation that is involved is a great asset for any company. Lee Law Offices has done a great job and I highly recommend them.

-David H. Davis, CPM, ARM, RPA, HCCP
Blackthorne Real Estate Development Company, Inc.


I have worked with the Lee Law Offices for six years on both insurance subrogation and consumer debt actions.  They have always done a great job of managing my legal accounts and moving them efficiently through the legal system.  They always have the best interests of the client in mind and will take steps above and beyond normal actions to help protect the client interests. I highly recommend Lee Law Offices.

-Thomas H. Tiernan AINS, AIC, CSRP
Litigation Manager
Client Services, Incorporated


If you are looking for a law firm that will be honest, give you the facts, listen to you, and work with you as a team, Lee Law Offices is the firm for you. With master strategy and level heads they will always have your back and see you through.  I would highly recommend them.

-Tammie Tiefenthaler
Business owner


Lee Law Offices has been successful in building a solid reputation as a knowledgeable and effective Subrogation Law Firm.  They have developed systems that enable him to handle every aspect of complex subrogation cases in a cost-effective manner.  From prosecuting large property loss cases to recovering against uninsured motorists as quickly and efficiently as possible, their goal is to maximize recoveries, and profits for his clients.

-Janine S. Kerwood, CSRP, INS.
Subrogation Specialist
The Motorist Insurance Group


I have known Denny Lee for 25 years which deems me an authority on the character of Denny Lee who in my opinion has few equals when defining the qualities which make the man. Denny possesses integrity, loyalty, transparency, intellect, honesty, outstanding morals, and excellent judgment. If one can possess those attributes, and integrate them with a sense of humor, you have a man you would like to have as Father, Husband, and a friend for life.

Having itemized all those virtues above, it is an honor to call him a friend, because he is also an attorney, second to none, and who has the best interests of his clients.

-Bill & JoAnn Tate


Lee Law Office and Nick Andersen did a great job on my collections. I had a customer that would not return my calls because they owed me money.  I handed the information over to Nick and a month later I received my check for the full amount from that customer.  It was quick, easy and painless.

-Cyndi Crews
Publication Printing


Hiring a lawyer is something most of us do when they are behind the eight ball. The two most important qualities a lawyer must have are superior listening skills and he must be tenacious. Denny will take the time to listen to YOU and find out what YOU want to do (not what is easiest for him). He is tenacious, he will fight for you, he is like a bulldog that does not know the meaning of giving up or losing.

If you want to win or get a fair shake by the "system," I recommend hiring Denny Lee.

-Jerry Morrissey
Rapid Graphics & Signs


I've had two other attorneys (briefly) who "supported" my businesses.  Neither of them seemed to have any sense of urgency.  Nick, on the other hand, always responds quickly and appropriately.

-Toby Asplin
Handyman Joes