Lee Law Office Mascot featured in 2016 Hearts United for Animals calendar

Hearts United for Animals, a no-kill dog rescue based in Auburn, Nebraska has published its inaugural "Hunks for Hearts United for Animals" and their dogs 2016 calendar. For clearly apparent reasons the term "Hunks" may be loosely defined in some instances.:)
Lee Law Office is proud that Denny Lee and one of our office mascots, Minnie, are the featured pair for March. Some of you have met Minnie at the office as she is there every day. Special thanks to the Douglas County Court for allowing Denny and Minnie to be photographed for the 2016 calendar using the judge's bench in courtroom 21.
$20 is a small price to pay for the 12 smiles you are guaranteed to have in 2016 as you page through the calendar.
Supplies are limited. The link to order is on the HUA page (www.hua.org/) .Just click on the "Buy" tab and enjoy.
Below is the announcement from the HUA Facebook page today
Done with your hunk of turkey? How about grabbing an HUA Hunk?...well 13 of them actually. Introducing our Hunks of Hearts United for Animals 2016 calendar. Click to browse through each month and see the hunks that make the magic happen at HUA, along with their favorite dogs. Each month features an HUA Hunk with his bio and many animal related holidays to celebrate throughout the year. All proceeds go directly to HUA. Give thanks for HUA and for these wonderful, kind, compassionate men by grabbing your hunk calendar today. Shipping is the same whether you get one or more, so stock up as stocking stuffers.
The Hunks of HUA 2016 Calendar

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